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At NOK 綠, we embody the essence of Korean natural beauty and traditions. "綠" signifies the beauty of Korea's lush green landscapes and the captivating allure of its culture. In English, it is pronounced as "NOK," which stands for "Natural beauty of Korea."

Leading Korean Beauty Shop in The UAE

Exceptional Value

We are proud to be the leading Korean beauty shop in the UAE. We offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that revolves around high-quality Korean beauty products, providing customers with exceptional value and affordable prices.

Explore the world of Korean skincare

Genuine Korean Skincare

At NOK, we invite you to explore the world of Korean skincare and uncover the secrets to achieving healthy and radiant skin. Our website, nokbeauty.ae, showcases a wide range of products, including face serums & essences, moisturizers, masks & treatments, and facial cleansers & exfoliators. We are committed to providing you with genuine Korean skincare products

Why Choose NOK?

Our offline store boasts a unique interior concept that combines the elegance of Korean tradition with modern minimalism. We even have a VIP room dedicated to providing product experiences and personalized 1:1 consultations.

Unlike other shops that sell low-quality products not recognized in Korea, we exclusively offer well-known, mid-priced skincare products from Korea at reasonable prices in the UAE market.

To provide convenience to consumers seeking Korean cosmetics, we have strategically placed our stores in prominent malls such as Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, ensuring easy access for our customers.

We prioritize quality over quantity by carefully selecting a limited number of high-quality skincare brands that align with our luxurious and attractive store concept.

Our knowledgeable staff not only provides detailed explanations of our products but also offers experiences such as skin therapy using skincare devices and products available in-store. We believe in going beyond mere sales and fostering a holistic approach to skincare.

What sets us apart from others in the market is our commitment to dealing exclusively with proven functional skincare brands that embody traditional Korean imagery or modern and luxurious designs.

Learn More About The CEO's Story

Youna Jung, our CEO, was born and raised in Korea before moving to the UAE. Frequently asked about her skincare routine, she shared her love for Korean skincare products. Countless...